Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Use of Computer Technology to Help Students with Special Needs

My Summary
This article explains the difficulties children with disabilities face in the technology world. More than half of the children receiving special services are male and most of them are in elementary school. The federal law requires that all children with disabilities receive special education services. Technology can be used to help bridge the gap between children with disabilities an children without disabilities. One of the major downfalls of using technology in the classroom is that most teachers are not properly trained to use it. Research has proven students with disabilities are more eager to use computer technologies to do their class assignments.

Video Reflection
The video reflects on inclusive education and how it expands opportunities for students with disabilities through technology. The speaker asked a question that stuck with me. He asked who would want to be excluded from anything. Inclusion education is challenging but can succeed where there is good leadership and strong school community.

My Personal Reflection
1) Children with disabilities vary with respect to the type and number of disabilities they have. Even though children have different disabilities they all should be given equal opportunity to learn all there is to learn. They should not be separated from normal classroom activities because of their disabilities.
2) Federal law requires that all children with disabilities receive special education services. This law ensures that all children receive the best education they can regardless of their disability or disabilities. One way to help special education students is the use of computer technology.
3) Most of the children receiving special services are in elementary schools.Technology training for teachers in elementary schools should be a top priority to help deal with the growing number of special needs children. Teachers should take advantage of the various computer software programs that are available to assist special needs children improve their learning ability.
4) Research has shown that children with disabilities are more eager to learn with computer technology. Special needs children attention span is much longer using the computer compared to the traditional style of learning. Computer technology has been proven to be very instrumental in bridging the gap of learning.
After reading the article I totally agree with the author of the article. Based on my classroom experience with special needs students this makes me agree with the author. I believe that all students with disabilities be given an opportunity to learn the best way possible for themselves.

Why aren't there more properly trained teachers with technology?

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