Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open source eportfolio: development and implementation

My Summary
Portfolio is a concept taken from the world of architecture and the fine arts. Portfolio is a collection either of a number of actual pieces of work or representations of pieces of work. Portfolios are being progressively hyped in European higher education. Students use portfolios to present their intentions to people connected with them in the course. The portfolio allow students to make right and wrong decisions in forming their student-centered educational ideas. When a student uses a portfolio to show his or her competence he or she must give an account of the activities in which the competence is demonstrated. Competence involves all aspect of a student's functioning. Portfolios only informs us about the students competencies in an indirect way.

My Video Reflection
The video is an overview comparing the old way of portfolios to the new way of portfolios called eportfolios. With eportfolios students can use different kinds of technology. The video explains how multimedia materials such as drawings, photographs, and illustrations, sound recordings, and video materials are included in an eportfolios.

My Reflection
1) Portfolios is a concept taken from the world of architecture and the fine arts.
The financial world uses portfolios to show the spread of their investment or a block of shares. Portfolios are a very useful tool to help companies show the break down of their profits and loses to other investors during financial meetings. They also make it very easy for companies to track the progress of their new investment to help them determine if their business ventures are profitable.
2) Portfolios are being progressively hyped in European higher education.
Europeans are using portfolios to help teach students about the characteristics associated with using them in everyday life. There is a positive frenzy of experimentation resulting in a large number of projects enjoying differing degrees of success.
3) Student puts his/her portfolio together with the intention of presenting it to people connected with him/her in the course.
Students try to relate to other people through the use of their portfolios. The portfolios allows the student to make right or wrong decisions in expressing their views on various issues. This allows the student to be in control of what goes into his/her own portfolio.
4) Students want to use portfolios to show their competence.
Portfolios allow students to demonstrate their wide range of knowledge on various issues. Portfolios can be a representation of all the competencies with which the course aims to equip the student. Students benefit better when they focus on a limited area of competencies.
After reading the article and viewing the Web 2.0, my views changed about the new eportfolio. At first I was skeptical about what the eportfolio would actually offer. Now that I have gained more insight on eportfolio, I think the opportunities it provides are endless.
Does the eportfolio offer more advantages than the traditional portfolio?

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  1. I agree that the eportfolio has advantages over the traditional portfolio because the information would be more accessible and much easier to update.